Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creativity Tips: Take time for "little" things

Yesterday, I read an obituary in the Kansas City Star for a woman named Faye. I didn't know Faye very well, but seeing the obituary reminded me of her mother -- Sarah.

Sarah was a distant, distant relative. If I remember correctly, her brother was my father's brother-in-law. My father's sister died far too early, so the "blood" connection was broken when I was very young. And yet ...

Sarah sent everyone in the family birthday cards. She never, never forgot a birthday. Friends might remember or might not. Aunts and uncles sent a card, but not always on time. Sarah, on the other hand, was clockwork.

To her, those cards may have been a little thing. To me, they're a treasured memory.

Sarah made me feel special.

One of my favorite people celebrated her birthday this past Tuesday. But you know what? I'm a really busy gal. Who has time to remember birthdays? Who has time to let people know you love them?

Faye's death reminded me of Sarah's life. So I'm sending a birthday message to Lucinda today -- and I'll send it on time next year.

Little things make a difference. And today is the best day to let people know you love them.

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