Monday, June 11, 2012

Creativity Tips: I'm Fine

As a writer, one of my favorite creativity exercises is to find different ways to say the same thing. For example, we've all said, "I'm fine," when we are not fine. Here's Mary Englebreit's take on that:

And now for something completely different, here's a version from Bad Idea T-Shirts:
One of these made me laugh out loud. Yeah. That one. If I weren't in a "toss it out, toss it all out" mood, I'd buy that one. Twisted? Could be. Could be.

But here's a fine idea: Take this concept and run with it. Look at something you've done one way and consider a different twist. Maybe you use whole wheat flour rather than white flour in a recipe. Mix and match your clothes this week in a way you've never tried before -- different T with those jeans, perhaps. Orange tie with the blue shirt. Blue tie with the blue shirt. Purple nail polish.

Do something that makes you smile. Then, when people ask, you can say in all honesty: I'm fine!

Happy Monday!

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