Thursday, June 14, 2012

Creativity Exercise: Name Your Street

Kate and her friend Ann fly home today, after a month in Europe. Yay! Reason enough for a fun creativity exercise.

During their time overseas, Kate and Ann lived on a street named Jerichausgade in Copenhagen; their flat in Berlin was on lichtenrader. (If you are familiar with the lichtenrader area, don't tell me about it. I get the feeling I would have retroactive heart palpitations.)

Streets in my life have included: 63rd, Quincy, Holmes, Seminole, 47th, Price and the lyrical,historical Daniel Boone Road. When we were kids and went to look at the house on Daniel Boone, we made the address into a song. Sang it as part of our effort to convince the folks to buy the house. "87-47-Daniel-Boone-Road! 87-47-Daniel-Boone-Road!"

Hey -- don't laugh. The magical incantation worked. Mom and Dad bought the house.

Today's exercise: Pretend you can name your street. Choose your address. Go!

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Pam Whiting said...

I think I'll keep my street name - Martha Truman Road, named in honor of Harry's mother. (The road forms the northern border of the old Truman farm.) I like to think of Harry and his mom in the neighborhood...!