Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creativity Tips: It's time. Head in the right direction.

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I could do a headstand, I'd have laughed at you.

If you had told me I'd be willing to attempt this headstand in FRONT OF PEOPLE I DON'T EVEN KNOW, I'd have stopped laughing and questioned your sanity.

And yet ... this happened last night:

Naturally, I wrote about 8 million funny captions between the time my buddy Julie took these photos and I got home from Shanna Haun's yoga class. But then I started thinking about it ... and realized I didn't want to turn this into a joke. This headstand is serious stuff:
  • Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis with severe risk of fracture. I was suddenly terrified of falling and breaking -- I clung to the railing when I walked up and down stairs. Now, I'm flipping upside down. There's nothing like finding the right incentive to get us moving -- whether we're moving toward an improved physical condition, an artistic goal, a better relationship or anything else.
  • I could not have done this two years ago. I probably couldn't have done it one year ago. Physical strength is just like creative strength. It builds. Sometimes slowly. And the best way to build it is to exercise the relevant muscles daily.(Want to be a writer? Write. Every single day.)
  • We can't get to the next step -- we can't discover what we are capable of doing TODAY -- unless we're willing to take a risk. And that means letting go of our old self-images. It's hard to take a quantum leap if you're worried about how you look leaping. Last night, I never even considered what people would think, or what might happen if I fell. Could I have looked silly? Absolutely and big damn deal. The world is in dire need of more silly.
  • Know what you need. When it comes to creativity, my needs vary by the project and by the day. Sometimes I need silence. Sometimes I need people. Sometimes I just need a dictionary. When it comes to my headstand, I need to know that someone I trust, someone who believes I can do it, is ready to catch me if I can't -- and won't think less of me if I fall. For me, and a whole lot of other lucky people, that someone is Shanna. I hope I've been that person for a lot of my writing puppies.
So let me ask you: What do you really, really, really want to do? What motivation do you need? How long are you willing to work? How hard are you willing to work? Who (besides me, I'm here!) is going to support you?

Today is the perfect day to start, my friend. Turn your world upside down. It's a really beautiful view. 

P.S. When you were a kid, did you like looking at the world upside down? I used to hang off the couch, look at everything upside down, pretend the floor was the ceiling, etc. I liked figuring out how the chairs could stay in place. It's completely possible I was weird from the get-go. 

P.P.S. If you don't think those photos illustrate a perfect headstand, you're wrong. It's a perfect first headstand. Wait until you see how my headstands look in six months ...