Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Fun: The Struggle is Real

"If you look at page 16 of your brief ..."

Want to see how corporate America designs a stop sign? Start here.

You might watch the video and think, That's funny, but it can't be true. Let me assure you: When I was a creative director, this was my life.

Thanks to Pat for sending me the link!

Monday, July 10, 2017

#MondayMotivation -- Thunder Thighs

There are times when we believe something is out of our control -- and it's not. Case in point: 

Thigh gap has never been an issue for me. When I was a child, I was chubby enough that my thighs rubbed together when I walked. If you've never experienced this kind of chafing, let me tell you right now: It hurts.

When I would complain, my mother would sympathetically tell me not to fret: "You just have the Eisen thighs," she'd say. "I do too."

Now, Eisen is mom's maiden name -- so "Eisen thighs" was our family's code for thunder thighs. And, while it didn't stop the chafing, it did make me feel better. There was nothing I could do about my legs. Clearly, I was genetically doomed.

I carried this concept with me for, oh, 55 years or so. As my weight and exercise levels varied over the years, it never once occurred to me that I could do anything re: those Eisen thighs.

So imagine my surprise one day when I got ready for yoga and realized that ... hmmm .... Mom was wrong.

Normally I wouldn't mention this at all -- much less in a blog post. Weight and health and exercise and body image are very personal and I try to tread this ground lightly. However, this example extends far beyond my legs.

As you start your week, stop for a moment and consider this: What "truths" have you carried with you for years without question? Are they still true? Were they ever? It's a new week, my friends. Don't let old ideas hold you back from new possibilities.

P.S. You don't even want to know how many photos were taken before Tom got one that I deemed acceptable and non-thunder-thigh-ish. I'm wearing single-digit-sized Lululemons and still struggling with how my legs look. We're awfully hard on ourselves, aren't we?