Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Fun: Top 10 Cringe-Inducing Client Comments on Copy

Most of the time -- really, most of the time -- my copy hits the mark with clients. But, now and then, it doesn't. For your amusement, here are the top 10 client comments that make me cringe:
  1. I have an English degree. 
  2. This copy is really fun! I don't want fun. 
  3. You forgot to put a comma before the word and. I fixed it for you.
  4. I didn't know what I wanted, but now that I see what you've written, I know it's not what I wanted. OK?
  5. Oh. We just went through a complete branding change. Did I forget to mention that? 
  6. You broke my quote into paragraphs. It's all one quote. 
  7. My title should be capped. I fixed it for you.   
  8. I know I'm getting it to you late, but I still need it tomorrow. 
  9. You forgot quotation marks at the end of the paragraph. I fixed it for you.
  10. You misspelled my name. 
And the comment that sparked this post? Imagine, if you will, a very very very smart man with a lovely Southern drawl, "Ma'am, I'm like a gumball machine. You know, you put your quarter in, you turn the knob, you get your gumball. Investment, action, results. I want you to tell me exactly how this blog post is gonna drive profitable growth."

It's the weekend, people. Party on. Buy a gumball and think of me.