Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creativity Tips: Ask the Right Question, Part 2

Now that we've considered the creative approach for offering help, let's flip the situation around. How talented are you when it comes to asking for help?

Monday, I was stomping around the house. The dining room and kitchen were crammed with boxes -- we had new carpet installed last week and haven't had a chance to unpack, put things away. There were more boxes from mom's pending move in the entryway. Yet more boxes packed for charity and sitting by the fireplace.

Which stack pushed me over the edge? Doesn't matter. Here's the issue: I still expect people to read my mind. It's the classic, "If you really loved me, you'd just know." So, imagine my surprise when Mary said,

Mom, do you need help with something?
All you have to do is ask.

She really and truly didn't know that I wanted help to move the boxes. She was trying her best to simply stay out of my control-freak way. Whoa. I came out of insane mode long enough to say,

Yes. I would really appreciate your help.
Would you please move all these boxes up to my office?

And, snap. Easy as that, boxes disappeared. Take a lesson from John, Paul, George and Ringo. Get better at asking:

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