Friday, June 1, 2012

Creativity Tips: Read Shepublican

Now and then, we've talked about voice on the blog. I talk about it all the time with clients. Your voice, whether it's personal or brand, sets you apart. I like to think that the success I've had with this blog stems, in part, from people liking my voice.

And, of course, the bribes I paid out at the start of it all.

My friend Kate is launching her blog, Shepublican. She did not bribe me to mention this. I bring it to your attention because:
  1. Her voice is apparent right from the get-go. Read this. First post, and you hear her.
  2. We're going into a political season that promises to be nasty and mean. I welcome a view from the center of it all.
  3. I love Kate.
Read and enjoy. Then raise your voice. Now's the time.

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