Monday, September 13, 2010

Creativity Tips: Applaud Yourself

What's the best thing you ever, ever created?

Think about it ... and we're talking big picture "creativity" here. It could be a child, a birthday cake, a poem, a strategic plan, a photo, an essay, a quilt, a friendship ... whatever.

Now, as you think about it, remember: You define best. It could be the one thing that brought you the most joy. The most money. The best response.

Whatever you created, however you define best, celebrate it* today. Applaud yourself.

You totally rock.

(Want a creativity exercise to go with the tip? Easy. Write a song to celebrate yourself, to the tune of Popeye the Sailor Man. Yes. I'm serious. Start writing!)

*Can't choose just one thing? Isn't that wonderful? Mazel tov! You're spectacular!!!


Lezlie said...

I'm Lezlie, the artistic woman,
I'm Lezlie, the artistic one,
I'll keep on creating -
it's never too late
to be the crative, glorious being you are!


Jan said...

I love it! And here's the one I wrote:

I'm Janet, the writer girl,
I'm Janet, the writer girl,
I'm good with a pencil
or a sharp utensil
I'm Janet, the writer girl!