Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fun: Pacman Lives

First and foremost, good news! Amber came through her surgery (all 6.5 hours of it!) in good shape. The doctor said they got the entire tumor this time. Yes! Thanks for the good thoughts and I'll keep you posted. Now ... back to your regularly scheduled Friday Fun:

I have never been any good at Pacman. This was a problem back in the ... what? '70s? '80s? Whenever. Back when I was dating. I definitely couldn't impress guys with my Pacman skills. I also couldn't feign interest in their high scores.

Level 5? Really. Wow ... look at the time.

That said, I'm guessing a few CI team members love Pacman. So here's one version for you. And if you'd rather play with Homer, I found a Simpson version. At least the "d'oh!" with this one amused me.

Here's to an amusing three-day weekend! With very little labor ...

(Does "play with Homer" sound bad to anyone but me? Perhaps I need a three-day weekend.)

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