Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fun: Love Note Day

I love you.

And why am I saying that today? Because in the world of silly holidays, this is Love Note Day. Seriously. I couldn't make that up. So, write a love note to someone you adore. That will require a pen. And paper. OK, maybe not a pen. Maybe not paper. You could use icing and a cake. But I'm thinking email is feeble when it comes to love notes.

We're also going to look ahead at honest-to-goodness, not concocted celebrations. October is the birthday month for a tremendous number of my closest friends -- including Lynn J., whose birthday is Oct. 5. That day, according to, is "America's most common birthday." is launching a Deliver Birthday Smiles campaign, and we're going to be part of it. They'll send me a bouquet, I'll review it, and do a giveaway to share the fun. For info on their campaign, visit or

Now, go write your love note!


Lezlie said...

Your life is so cool. *grin*

Elizabeth said...

While trying to write a Valentine for someone special today, I realized I was struggling with not repeating what I said on Love Note Day- and then I realized I never commented saying that I sat down with a pen and stationary to write a love note for the first time, because your post gave me the guts to do it. Thank you for that :D! And, bonus, a couple weeks later I received something in the mail-a wonderful beyond wonderful note, and a poem, which he'd been thinking about writing for a while. Yes, I’m a very lucky girl ^_^. Although, I DO still have to figure out what to do to make Valentine's Day extra special... anyway, just thought you might like to know!