Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creativity Tips: Name Your Cows

Whenever I fly on Southwest, I enjoy reading Spirit magazine ... always something fun in there. For example, did you know that cows with names produce considerably more milk than nameless cattle? As Spirit notes:

"Udder nonsense? Scientists think not. After studying the working relationships between farmers and dairy cows, researchers at Newcastle University in the UK found that farmers who gave Bessie and Gertrude TLC reaped the benefits of increased milk yield over a 10-month period."

Yes! Creative proof for my theory that being nice isn't just the right thing to do: It's good business.

Let's milk that for all it's worth.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jannie:
My grandpa had a dairy farm. He played music for the cows to keep them calm and producing.

Tootsie Bellittera said...

Love it! I don't normally read those magazines (but I ALWAYS look at the route maps :) but it looks like I need to start. Who knew?