Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creativity Tips: Celebrate September

Ohmigosh. It's September. I love September. For me, it signals the pending fall, and I love fall. Or, as Woody Allen would say, I lerve fall. Why? It's cooler. I live in the Midwest -- it's gorgeous. The trees transform. Added bonus: October brings the birthdays of a million people I adore and my wedding anniversary.

You get the picture: September starts a fabulous season. So, celebrate properly. Go for a long walk today and look for a fall color. What color is that? You tell me. We could go with the basic yellow. Or orange. Or brown. But fall to you might be burgundy. Or pink.

Whatever. Choose one of those lovely colors, and go find all the shades of it you can.

(We fall in love, don't we? We don't spring into love. No one summers or winters love. Heck, winter is the time of our discontent. I could go on, but I lerve you too much to continue.)


Unknown said...

Heartily agree, Jan! Fall is the season of starting anew. While many would argue that I must be referring to Spring, we have been conditioned to new beginnings after 12+ years of school. I tend to get new office stuff and new clothes 'round this time. And, I am always ready to begin big new projects at this time of year, especially if they bring new learning. Fall has so much texture, smells and the colors you mentioned, that it won't be ignored. You just can't ignore impulse to start something.

Lezlie said...

Fall is my favorite.

Somehow, even though I know it's the beginning of the end, fall inspires me. I believe that anything is possible. I also experience a delicious wistfulness as the leaves change and the birds fly away.