Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Query: Blogger

Lezlie brought up an interesting question in a blog comment recently. I'm going to expand on it:
  1. If you were going to blog, what would you blog about?
  2. If you do blog, how important do you think it is to stick with one topic?
  3. Why would you start a blog? OR ... Why do you blog?

Please link to your blogs in the comments section. There are an amazing number of CI team members with really cool blogs. We're quite the talented team!

1 comment:

Mike Brown said...

In answer to is it important to stick with one topic, I think you at least have to let your readers know some boundaries for what you're going to cover and stay connected to those. Sure there may be a one-off post that you just have to write which doesn't have a lot to do with your theme (I did one on my cat dying that was sort of connected, but I acknowledge was a stretch), but your blog is a brand. You want readers (or potential readers) to be able to anticipate what they'll get from it...unless your blog subject is your own randomness!