Thursday, August 26, 2010

Think Good Thoughts for Tom

My husband Tom is having surgery this morning -- arthroscopic and traditional -- to repair a large tear in his rotator cuff. The injury occurred while he was benchpressing. I keep telling him he should be thrilled to have a sports injury at 64. For some reason, he's not thrilled.

Men. They're so difficult.

Tom is not a religious man, but I'm guessing he'd appreciate any good thoughts you'd care to send out into the universe. You know. So his karma doesn't run over his dogma.

In honor of the operation -- which is supposed to take about 1.5 hours -- here's my only rotator cuff poem. You just never know when these things will come in handy ...

P.S. for those of you who don't know Tom. Yes, that's him. I am married to a Simpson's character.


Brenda said...

Blessings to Tom and to you!!!
Keep us posted on his progress! How long will his recovery be? Rehab?


Bud Simpson said...

Tom is a tough bird. Give him our best.

(My rotator cuff injury was from playing Tron in the '80s.)

We're all Simpson characters. D'oh!

lezlie said...

Okay, Le Grand. I love that you have a Tron injury.

Jan, more good thoughts Tom's way! (And yours too...)

Amber said...

Good thoughts to Tom! Keep us posted! Lots of love to you both!

Jan said...

Thanks for all the good thoughts! We're home, Tom is napping, and it's all good. It was a big tear, so he'll be out of work 2 weeks, and in rehab for 3 months. Ouch!

Tron injuries. This is quite a group we've got here at CI. :-)

And I am definitely feeling like Marge Simpson at the moment. I just need to dye my hair blue.

Jan said...

P.S. So, after I logged in on my google account and left that comment, it gave me the option to have follow-up comments emailed to me. Lezlie, I don't know if that helps with your question before re: notifying you if people comment after you comment ... seems like there should still be an easier way ....

Lezlie said...

Jan, I can't seem to set up a google account. Every time I try, it tells me I already have one. I've tried every password I can imagine. And when I have them email me my password, it doesn't show up in any of my accounts!