Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creativity Tips: Keep Your Promises

The first morning at BlogHer, I walked into a huge ballroom filled with 2400 people -- almost all women. I promptly found a table with three guys and sat down. Hey, they were all alone. Three cute guys and they're sitting alone in a room filled with women. Ridiculous.

(OK, full disclosure. I didn't sit with them because they were cute. I am a well-behaved married woman. I sat with them because I was on complete estrogen overload and the conference had just begun.)

Anyhoo ... one of them was Kevin, from Always Home and Uncool. Kevin has a daughter with Juvenile Myositis and he's trying to win a $250,000 research grant for CureJM in the Pepsi Good Idea contest. Your daily vote can help push CureJM to the top.

I'm keeping this promise because I made it. That may sound elementary, but it's important. I have promises to keep.

Sidenote to Mrs. Kevin: Yes. He really did keep his eyes focused on the stage while the girl in the next-to-nothing skirt teetered by our table in her very, very high heels. Good job, Kevin! (And good luck in the contest!)

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