Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creativity Tips: Be the Lightning

The people on the CI team -- yes, you! -- are incredibly talented. I don't always have the opportunity to appreciate your talents in person, so it was a joy recently to hear Lezlie perform.

It was a perfect evening outside -- the Street Corner Choir singing, a cool breeze, Tom and I enjoying a good glass of wine and a chance to just be. Perfect.

To keep the mood going, I'm listening to the Street Corner Choir CD in my car and humming the songs at home.

Lezlie's releasing a solo CD too. Take a listen. Buy a CD. Be the lightning.


Bud Simpson said...

Cool. A southpaw twelve-string.

Sweet gravy and chocolate ice cream - where's that bridge?

Leslie said...

Big Bunny, I was wondering the same thing. Lawrence, maybe?

Jan said...

I will check with Lezlie re: the bridge and let you know! (Look, the video is instigating creativity. I love it.)

Lezlie said...

Kansas City, MO. Everything that wasn't filmed on that downtown street corner was filmed down in the River Market area. Beautiful, eh? It was sometimes difficult to focus on the task at hand!

Bud Simpson said...

Found it. Berkeley Park pedestrian bridge at the foot of Main Street. Cool portrait location.