Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Trick, Just a Treat!

When I attended BlogHer, I tasted a sample of the new candy from Butterfinger® -- Snackerz. Loved it. So I went to their booth the next day and asked if I could have another sample. One of the women at the booth handed me a candy bar. The other woman laughed and said, "That's not a sample!" She handed me a full bag of these delicious treats.

The lesson? Be generous.

And they're still being generous! Tell me your favorite Halloween treat -- post here or send an email to -- and you could win four fun-size bags of Snackerz or two boxes of full-size pouches. To make sure the winner receives the goodies before Halloween, I'm only taking entries until 8 p.m. Central time tonight. Winner announced tomorrow.

Full disclosure: Butterfinger is supplying the giveaway. They did not give me additional candy; I was given the bag of fun-size Snackerz at BlogHer. I do think Snackerz are delicious, and I don't especially like Butterfinger bars. These are different. Think grown-up version. Good with coffee.

P.S. Happy birthday to the man who instigated the blog!


Average Jane said...

I'm fond of the much-maligned peanut butter taffy that comes wrapped in orange and black waxed paper.

Leslie said...

I love Reese's peanut butter cups, but I'd love a bag of these, too!

Vicki said...

Oh man, so hard to pick a favorite. But you know I will enter to win chocolate. I love raiding the kids' candy and sometimes will go for the ones I rarely buy like Almond Joy.

Is it Mike's birthday? Happy day!

Beth said...

I get excited when I see Reese's peanut butter cups in the trick or treat bags!

Mo said...

As kids we always went back to the houses that had popcorn balls and Rice Krispies treats. My "mature" choice now is anything that has chocolate and peppermint (chocolate and peanut butter being my second choice!)