Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creativity Tips: Go for it!

Brag week would not be complete without a mention of Mike Brown, the instigator of the Creative Instigation blog and my first -- and for some time, only -- reader. About a year ago, Mike left his corporate job and launched Brainzooming. How's it going? Check this out. My brain zooms just thinking about his schedule. It's amazing what happens when you just go for it.

More recently, my friend Kami followed her dream to be a full-time photographer. Now, Kami is a talented copywriter, but her heart is really into photography, such as these shots. Given her writing background, it's no surprise that Kami's photos tell a story.

Speaking of stories, Kami told me a fun one re: this particular photo shoot. Looks gorgeous, right? Well, shlepping the bed outside was no picnic. Kami and her friend Kimberly finally got the bed into the field, and then Kami realized the mattress didn't fit the frame. With momma and toddlers on the way, they had to fix things fast. Fortunately, Kimberly saved the day, shoring up the mattress on concrete blocks.

Teamwork. As we know, it's a good thing! Tomorrow, I brag on Kate. And give you a chance to do something silly ...

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