Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Creativity Exercise: Pick-Up Lines

There are some lines too good to ignore, and Angela gave me one the other day with this Facebook post about her husband, Michael:

Some lady offered to hold Michael's ladder while he was trimming trees. Geez...

Oh, yeah, baby. I'd like to hold your ladder. (Ha! LOVE it! So much better than, "What's a nice guy like you doing in a tree like that?")

Today's exercise? It's multiple choice -- choose the one you like, post if you want, or just play with the words in your wonderfully creative brain.
  1. Think of a good-looking person, at least 40 years old, who lives in suburbia. Come up with a great pick-up line for that tree-trimming, happily married hottie.
  2. Answer this: What was the best pick-up line you ever heard? Ever used?
  3. Tell me why the 20-something guy who recently stopped me at a restaurant to compliment my jewelry IMMEDIATELY followed that lovely comment with, "I'm not trying to pick you up." Really? You're not? I'm astonished. Wait 'til I tell my friends at AARP. (Private joke to Jody: Yes. I think he had shuffleboard abs.)

Taking care of business: Congrats to Stephanie, who won the two Mastermind games! I only have a few more post-BlogHer giveaways planned. For example, this Friday, we'll be giving away a tower of yummy goodies from Cheryl's as part of Cookies for the Cure, a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

In response to No. 1: Climb here often?

In response to No. 2: (While discussing the weather) Tomorrow's going to be as pretty as ... your dog.

In response to No. 3: Had the same jewelry compliment from a 20-something, but his comment was followed by "that's the kind of jewelry MY MOM wears"! ugh.

Angela Pritchett said...

I'm thinking the offer came because of Michael's handyman outfit. His old shorts show off his legs.

No. 1 - Did you fly up that ladder because you remind me of an angel.