Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creativity Tips: Engage Another Sense

Want to make sense out of a complex topic? Add another sense.

For example, look what happens when you listen to Sir Ken Robinson while also watching a whiteboard illustration of his topic. Fascinating. And I love his definition of creativity:

The process of having original ideas that have value.

Thanks to Bud for the link! And a very happy birthday to Tom! (That's my man. The cute little guy in the photo, a couple of birthdays ago.)

P.S. Isn't it discombobulating when the senses you add don't relate to the topic? For example, did you start reading this trying to figure out how the photo figured in?

P.P.S. Congrats to Mike D., winner of the Shapeways Color it! We'll do a yummy candy giveaway on Thursday. Judging from entries, food seems to be a more popular prize than toys. After that, I think I have a gift card for a bouquet of flowers and we're done with the giveaways.

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jackie said...

you have some really great launching points for new vision and perspective. And I just saw leslie's blog post about the postcards - wonderful collaboration!