Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Freebies:

I love fresh flowers -- we don't wait for special occasions to buy a bouquet for the living room. Flowers make the whole house brighter.

So it's a treat for me to offer you a chance to win a $40 giftcard to, plenty of money for a beautiful bouquet. To enter this final BlogHer giveaway, simply tell me your favorite flower.

Post here or send an email to Entries accepted until Sunday, Oct. 31, at midnight Central time. Winner announced Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Full disclosure: is providing the giftcard and sent me the pictured bouquet to review. I liked the Birthday Flower Cake. I thought it was creative and the flowers stayed fresh for a really long time. It is interesting to note that the photo on the left is from the website. The photo on the right is what I received. Hmmmm. I'm guessing actual product varies with the delivering florist.

That said, give me flowers and I'm happy -- whatever form they're in. Oh, and my favorite flower is a daisy. Does that surprise you?


Leslie said...

The flower cake is very cute...I've never seen one of those! And how fun to have flowers of any kind in the house.

Anonymous said...

I love flowers and hardly ever receive them mainly because of finances. I also have a black thumb so attempting to grow flowers have not been my greatest success story.

Jan said...

Hi Anonymous: Please send me an email at with your name so I can put you in the contest. Or, repost with a name -- whichever you prefer. Thanks and good luck!

Mo said...

Roses, roses, ROSES!

Elizabeth said...

Passion Flowers are my favorites, hands down. However, for a bouquet, roses are lovely :)