Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creativity Exercise: Warm Up to Winter

My friend Chris (aka, the son I would have had if I would have had a son) is from Canada. This has totally skewed his view of the world. You want proof? He likes winter. Seriously. The man likes winter. He also thinks I have made far too many disparaging winter remarks.

Heck. I'm a reporter. I can tell you exactly what he said. I was taking notes:

Any hack can spew wonderful things about spring and summer and they do. That stuff's obvious. But winter!

Okey dokey. Let's "hack" away at my complete lack of creative delight in the frozen arctic. Tell me one good thing about winter. Post away!

*Chris also said, "I didn't say YOU were a hack." Uh huh.


Leslie said...

Well, Jan, I'm on your side...not much about winter that I like. Not having to mow the lawn, however, is one good thing about winter!(And I want to see a long list from Chris...)

veredlh said...

1. Less pressure to shave body parts that are covered up by clothing.
2. I look cute in scarves and hats.
3. Icicles glistening in the sun.
4. Freezing out bugs (I think I heard that somewhere. That because of cold winters there are less bugs in the spring and summer? Don't tell me if I'm wrong; it helps me get through the cold days.)

Amber said...

Catching up on great movies/books and snuggling instead of going out.

Unknown said...

OK, I will admit to liking a few things about winter. Vered looks cute in scarves and hats -- I am a sweater girl. I love sweaters. On the other end of the fashion spectrum, I also love sweatpants.

Jan said...

"Chuck the Alliterator" sent this to me via email. Too good not to share:
There are few things as beautiful as the prairie pastels of winter. The blinding light of summer dims delightfully, showing subtle shadows that gently glisten in the
never ending breeze.

Angela Pritchett said...

I was feeling too crabby about winter to leave a comment earlier but reading the other comments made me smile. Winter Olympics -- that's what I like.

Chris Reaburn said...

Well, I suppose I must. In no particular order and off the top of my head:

Winter inspires great art (Russian writers and composers, The Canadian Group of Seven as examples)

Vered said, "I look cute in scarves in hats". Everyone does! winter is the great equalizer for those of us who don't qualify as models, super or otherwise.

Cold weather makes coffee and whiskey taste better - sometimes together.

Aurora Borealis.

Winter creates camaraderie out of necessity - it's "one of those things we get through together".

Winter is the only reason the hassle of building a fire could be worth it.

This is just cool:

Winter is a season of necessity. Necessity is the mother of invention. Winter's creative possibilities surpass those every other season. (which was my original point to our friendly neighborhood Instigator)

Hoar frost is beautiful.

Winter was Napoleon's Kryptonite.

Les Bonhommes de neige.

Seeing your breath is still a little bit amazing.

Winter is playful enough to make you slide along instead of take regular, boring steps.

Winter eventually gives way to spring.

Jan said...

And this is why he's mine.

Mike Brown said...
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Mike Brown said...

The amount of sunlight lengthens each day during winter (even if we're never able to tell that it does because it's always cloudy).

That's about it.

Mike Brown said...

Since Chris threw a video in to his list, this winter video is quite incredible as well:

Hollywood Four said...

Mike, that is pretty cool. My wife actually attended the Chinese Ice Festival in 1988 in person. She has some pretty neat pictures from it (sorry, video wasn't as prevalent back then).