Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creative Query: Movie Magic

Here's a quickie. Tell me: What's your favorite movie?

I'm going with "Sliding Doors." Why? Because it tells me that life works out the way it should. That's also the case in "Before Sunset," another one of my favorites.*

Oops. I just gave two answers. I'm not good at following directions. I am good at giving them: Post! I'm trying to figure out what movies to watch next.

*For the record, neither of these films have a talking animated animal or George Clooney. I am not nearly as shallow as I look.


Angela Pritchett said...

Depends on my mood but if I'm channel surfing and come upon Pride & Prejudice, I usually will stop and watch the rest, no matter how much of the movie I've missed. Devil Wears Prada is another one that I'll watch again & again. Have you seen Rachel Getting Married? Good Anne Hathaway movie.

Chuck said...

I enjoy both Zorba the Greek and Casablanca. The male leads of both films were passionate embracers of life and love: Zorba an extrovert; Rick an introvert.