Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Creativity Tips: Laugh at Yourself

This is my favorite holiday card of all time. Patty sent it to me years ago and I framed it.

Why is this a creativity tip? Because laughter sparks creative synapses in the very molecular structure of your beautiful brain. I'm sure this is a scientific fact. After all, I used big words and said it with authority. What other proof do you need?


Leslie said...

That card is hilarious...and yes, I know you're right!

Jan said...

Thank you for the affirmation!

It occurs to me: I tend to think of everyone who reads the blog as a close personal friend. If we've never met, I should explain the card. I'm Jewish. My husband isn't. Our children reap the rewards of Hanukkah and Christmas. Life is good.

Vicki said...

So funny!