Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creativity Exercise: That's a Wrap!

For today's exercise, wrap a present in something other than gift-wrapping paper. Here's how it works: I'll get you started with a few ideas, then you give me more, bigger, better ideas! And you give your loved ones a gift they'll enjoy before they even open it.
  1. Wrap a funny gift in comics.

  2. Wrap a robe or pajamas or slippers in a pillow case. You could start with a cheap white pillow case and doodle all over it. Or, buy a really fancy shmancy pillow case, and then the wrapping is part of the gift.

  3. Wrap tickets to a musical in the CD case with the music. Does that make sense?* For example, buy tickets to Wicked. Buy the Wicked CD. Wrap the tickets inside the CD case.

    *When you're not sure your writing makes sense, trust me: It doesn't make sense. Rewrite it. I would, but then I couldn't use myself as a bad example ...

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