Monday, December 7, 2009

Creativity Tips: Invictus

I was reading an article about Invictus, the Nelson Mandela movie that comes out Friday. It reminded me of the time I spent with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, years ago, when he visited the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

I had the pleasure of driving Tutu and his wife while they were here. You know what he wanted to talk about as we drove? Me. He was full of questions about my life -- how I balanced work and family, things like that.

He's a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a hero, and has an awe-inspiring aura. He literally glows. Yet he made me feel like I was special. After the visit, he even sent a "thank you" postcard -- it's one of my most-prized possessions.

Today, ask someone a question that matters. Then, listen to the answer. Now there's a holiday gift!

P.S. I'm done with the Chronicle thing. I just need to bite the bullet and actually write the book proposal. Sigh. You know, follow the process. I do so dislike following the process ...

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