Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creativity Exercise: How Did This Happen?

Next week, my writers group will get together to share poems and I've got nada. Nothing. Zip. Haven't written a poem in 10,000 years. I come up with killer titles and great first lines. Then, I'm stuck. On the bright side, you can help me! Why would you do this? Because you are good and kind souls and creative teams stick together.

One such poem-in-process is titled (and that is not entitled, no matter how many times you see the word used that way) Sooner or Later. This is the start:

Sooner or later
you ask yourself, "How did this happen?"

Promising start. What would you write next?

P.S. Chronicle Books does publish poetry. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, trying to get them to publish a version of Creative Instigation. Maybe I should gather poems from my writing buds and send in a collection ...


Barb said...

I'll offer up a line:

I had the best of intentions

Jan said...

I'm using it! If I like the way this goes, I'll send you a copy. Thanks, Barb!!