Monday, December 14, 2009

Creativity Tips: Believe in Your Own Magic

My buddy Linden brought his dad Chris and brother Clarkson over to the house this weekend. Our time together reminded me that a preschooler is the best creativity boost on the planet. Here are a few lessons from Linden:
  • If the rules of the game aren't working for you, change the rules.
  • When you win, celebrate. When someone else wins, celebrate.
  • Be honest. If you don't like the latke, don't eat it.
  • Push the limits. How else will you know where they are?
  • Believe in your own magic.
  • Laugh out loud. Sing even louder.
I'll leave you with one final Lindenism. As they were leaving, Chris reminded Linden to say "thank you" to Miss Jan.

"Thank you," Linden said.
"Thank you for what?" Chris prompted.
"Thank you for you!"

Thank you for you. Happy Monday. Go play.


Bud Simpson said...

"If you don't like the latke, don't eat it."
And if you do like it, have some more.

Angela Pritchett said...

Linden's attitude rocks! Reminds me that sometimes along with Thank you for you, I even need to say Thank you for me.