Monday, December 21, 2009

Creativity Tips: Examine This!

We're going to start the week with a team update: Our group of amazingly talented people is doing incredibly wonderful things.

Angela has a new creative adventure: She recently started writing articles on baking for Very fun stuff! Check it out.

Leslie is almost finished with her gorgeous Year in Pictures project and she's looking for big ideas for that final photo. That's our creativity exercise this week: Post photo-finish ideas here or on Leslie's blog.

Joe and Michele aren't stopping with publication of a book. Nope. Now they're recreating Harzfeld's Petticoat Lane perfume. (The book is wonderful, fyi! And I know the perfume will be too.)

If you're a regular reader and want to share a creative accomplishment, just let me know!


Angela Pritchett said...

I'm honored to be included in the creativity update! Thanks for the plug. Leslie, I've been a quiet folower of your 365-project and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. My daughter has photography dreams and I'm hoping she'll do a 365-project this year. I'm going to steer her to your blog for inspiration.

Leslie said...

Jan, thanks for continuing to mention my project and for all your support! And Angela, thank you for your nice comment as well. The 365 is a big undertaking but it's a great way to keep those photo ops always on your mind! (Still thinking about the "big finish" coming up soon...)