Monday, October 6, 2008

Creativity Tips: I'm baaaaaaaaaack

Hi CI team!

Thank you for all the posts last week! You're brilliant, and generous, and I appreciate the help more than you know. (My sister sends her thanks too -- she loved the sites you suggested.)

Here's what I saw when we landed in Phoenix. So I was laughing right from the start.

P.S. to Anonymous: You're right. I should go away more often! The analytics indicated an increase in readership. Hmmmmmmm.
P.P.S. The "How's My Flying?" decal is the perfect example of stealing something and making it better.



Interesting!...and for you...

"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi.

Leslie said...

Whew, you returned just in time. Daily blogging is hard work :-) Can't wait to see the tips you'll have this week now that you're all refreshed!

Jan said...

Rosa, that's beautiful! Thank you.

And, Leslie, thank you for all those posts last week! I am refreshed -- it's good to take a creativity break now and then.