Monday, October 13, 2008

Shit Happens

Well, I'm not saying it was a bad weekend, but the disaster recovery team just left the house, and I'll never again look at a sewer pipe without wincing.

Fortunately, as I mulled over posting or pouting, my good buddy, The Big Rabbit, came to my rescue. In addition to pointing out that home ownership is "greatly over-rated," he pointed me toward a site that appeals to me as an artist, a knitter and a nut.

Friends are good.


Angela Pritchett said...

It's never good when disaster and sewer are used in the same sentence. I'm so sorry!

Those lace fences are beautiful but I can't imagine when I might need a knitted internal organ.

Jan said...

My stomach has been churning so much this weekend, I could use a new internal organ or two right now. :-)