Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creativity Tips: Lessons from Fourth Grade

In my attempt to turn the recent basement flood into a positive*, I've been using the resulting disarray as incentive to clean things up. And I found this among the school papers from Mary's fourth-grade class:

From the author talk today I learned ...
that you never, never, never give up.
And don't throw away your first draft.

I can't think of any better advice.

*Pollyanna lives. And don't cold, wet Octobers make you want to watch Pollyanna? Possibly with a cold, wet beverage ... but still.


Bud Simpson said...

If I have to watch Pollyanna, I'll need some cold, wet thorazine. Don't forget to slide my meals under the door. :)

Jan said...

Well, yeah, OK, sure, if push comes to shove, yeah, fine, I agree with you.

But I was young once. I liked Pollyanna. Once. I did. I was young.

You know. I was young.

Oh heck. Just give me the thorazine too.