Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Creativity Tips: Say No in November

My life is full. This is absolutely a good thing. It's also why I launched my own personal anti-holiday stress campaign last year: Say No in November.

Beginning now, I stop automatically saying, "Yes," to every job, every invite, and every volunteer request. I weigh my options, and choose carefully.

Writing the 50,000-word novel suggested in yesterday's post does not fall into the carefully chosen options. It might for you.

Or, if you're on overload now, join me! Use the campaign as a good excuse: No, I can't possibly chair that committe (attend that party, buy that gift, or work on your tedious project). I'm very, very busy with the Say No in November campaign.

It could catch on. Hmmm. SNIN isn't much of an acronym. Anyone got a better idea?


Anonymous said...

How about instead of Ho Ho Ho, it's No Ho Ho!

Jan said...

I got a Christmas card once that said, "Ho Ho Ho," but the way it folded, only the first "Ho" showed up on the cover.

I kept it on my desk for some time. :-)