Monday, September 29, 2008

Creativity Tips: Practice What You Preach

I'm on vacation this week, and you're in luck. Before I left the laptop and the cell* phone behind, I decided to practice what I preach, and asked for help.

And my buds came through.

Fabulous members of the Creative Instigation team will post comments on this blog entry throughout the week. They'll bring you creativity tips, rants, inspiration, insights, political jokes, sites to see, exercises, whatever.

It should be a creative kick in the pants for all of us. New perspectives, new approaches. And remember, you made the team. Now's the time to make your mark. Leave your own comments!

I can't wait to read what you write when I get back!

P.S. I got the idea from Leslie, who suggested I watch this. And, then followed it up with this. It's amazing what loveliness people -- even strangers -- can create together.

* Is it a coincidence that phones and prisons share this word? I think not.


Mike Brown said...

Something to Read this Week - In the current issue of "Fast Company," there's an intriguing article on what neuroscience reveals about how to be more creative. Author Gregory Berns highlights the importance of forcing our brains into situations where they "must develop new neural pathways and break out of the cycle of experience-dependent categorization."

Excerpted from his book "Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently," it reinforces the idea of throwing ourselves into as many new situations as possible to literally force thinking differently and spurring creative instigation! - Mike Brown

Leslie said...

Want to be more creative? Try being more interesting.

Mike Brown said...

Creativity Quote for the Day "The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." - Linus Pauling

Leslie said...

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably have an answer to the question, "What is creativity?" Take a look here to see one person's response.

Angela Pritchett said...

This Friday, Oct. 3, a new movie opens that I'm excited to see mostly because of the creative subject - the invention of the intermittent windshield wiper. Inventors have to have that mix of creative energy and unrelenting passion to solve a problem. Check out the trailer here & maybe you'll be inspired to go see the movie and see creative solutions.

Bud Simpson said...

Most of us are "authorities" on one subject or another - writing, photography, strategy. To squeeze out new ideas, forget what you know and concentrate on what you don't know. It forces you to look at challenges from a different viewpoint. New solutions come from the most unlikely places.

Leslie said...

Oh, Angela, I saw that trailer this morning. I'm very intrigued.

Mike Brown said...

Here's a dinner tip for Thursday evening (or tonight if you still have the opportunity) - Go to a restaurant that puts paper on the tables, grab some crayons or markers, and spend your dinner doodling, writing, playing tic-tac-toe, or even drawing a creative instigator made up of letters in the alphabet.

Do whatever you want to do. Just use the opportunity to fill up the paper with all kinds of fun creative stuff! - Mike Brown

Leslie said...

Finding new ways to use "old" technology can be a great way to spark creativity. Take a look at this example.

Bud Simpson said...

I've heard it said that always seeking out those with whom you agree is like jogging in a cul-de-sac. Instead, search out encounters where your opinion won't be met with instant validation. Republicans might go to an Obama rally, atheists could go to church, KU fans can find a rabid K State alum to go hang out with. I'm not saying you'll be comfortable, but it's likely that sooner or later you'll have to defend your dogma, and a good spar can be very creative.

Anonymous said...

Confessions of a Delusional Multitasker

Ugh! It's Thursday already and I haven't posted anything...after promising Jan I'd help her out. It's not due to procrastination or laziness or lack of inspiration. It's due to WORK OVERLOAD! Can you relate?

So when I heard NPR's story this morning about multitasking -- --(I listened to it while putting on makeup, pouring coffee, checking emails on Blackberry and telling my dog he'd have to wait to go out until the story was over), I occurred to me that I could post something while juggling a dozen hot projects at the office.

Not really, according to the story. That's a delusion. Like nearly everyone I know, I try to multitask all day -- at work, at home and, I confess, in the car at times. I was strangely relieved to hear that we aren't made to do several things at once, but our brains operate at amazing speeds to keep up. My creativity tip for you today is: Slow down and let yourself focus on one thing at a time because, in fact, that's the best you can do anyway. Stop pushing and stressing over the overload and truly focus on one thing. Don't look at email and forward your calls. You'll be amazed at how the creative juices flow when not preoccupied by distractions and interruptions.

Hurry back Jan. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Psst…everybody Jan asked to post this week but didn’t.

No problem about not posting. It’s been a busy week. But I have an idea about what you can do to make up for it.

Here it is. Come back next week and leave a comment that this was the BEST WEEK EVER on “Creative Instigation!” And that it’s fine if Jan takes more vacations. And let’s other people write the blog for her.

She’ll think it’s hilarious. Trust me.

Now shhhhhhhhhh! Don’t let her know we talked.

See you next week! ; )

Mike Brown said...

Cool Pictures to Look At This Weekend - I received a forwarded email yesterday with some intriguing photos. There weren't a lot of details, but enough to do a search and find the website for Julian Beever, an artist who does anamorphic sidewalk drawings that look incredibly 3-D.

Take a look and thanks Jan for letting all of us instigate creativity on your blog this week! - Mike Brown

Leslie said...

Hey, all! It's the weekend (almost) and you might be looking for something to do. How about spending $10 to redecorate your house? (Mike, this would be right up your alley!)

Mike Brown said...

Leslie - Great suggestion. The original article at actually has a 360 view of the room. It is very cool!

I personally don't know if I have the guts to do something that audacious...but it would be fun! Mike