Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creativity Tips: Hang Up and Walk

During my daily walks with JoJo the wonder dog, I frequently walk by VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE on their cell phones having VERY IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS.

It's ridiculous. We're so multi-task oriented, we're ruining one of the nicest events of the day. A leisurely stroll. An opportunity for creative rejuvenation. A chance to enjoy the sounds of kids swinging on the playground, leaves skittering on the sidewalk, dogs barking in the distance.

I am now taking a vow of silence. While walking. Alone. I am not that important, and my call is not that important. I can take 30 minutes to just walk. If you need me, leave a message. If I need you, I'll call when I get home.


Bud Simpson said...

Jan, the logical extension of this idea is to just not participate in the ongoing battle for attention at all. If voice mail is good enough while you're walking, it's good enough most other times, as well. My cell is often set to silent. Voice mail is perfectly adequate for most issues. The very nature of the telephone, cellular or not, is intrusive. It rings when it's convenient for someone else, not for you. I am constantly amazed that people will interrupt a conversation with someone right in front of them in order to take a phone call. I walk away from rude people. Rant. Rant. Rant.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the few who have not had their cell phones surgically attached. In fact, I can go for days without turning it on. Shocking, I know.

Leslie said...

Good for you! I agree that most things can wait, at least for a time. We usually let calls at home go to voice mail, though we're sitting not far from the phone. We also have a strict "no calls taken during dinner" rule that has helped keep our family time focused.

Jan said...

"The ongoing battle for attention." What a great phrase. And I'm with all of you ... step away from the phones. Listen to the people right in front of you. Voice mail is a good invention. Let's use it!