Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Site Seeing: Wordle

As promised, the Creative Instigation team will periodically go site seeing this summer. Leslie sent the link to Wordle, a site that's time-consumingly addictive. It's also productive. After I write my blog, I'm going to create a home page look for a Web site, using this as a design tool.

Again, as I mentioned yesterday, tools matter.

(OK, I can hear the groans from my designer friends. Relax, I'm playing. I don't scream every time you write a headline, do I? Oh, yeah. I do ....)


Angela Pritchett said...

That site is mesmerizing and totally addictive. Jan, I would love to see one of your poems in a layout. I pasted in a paragraph of Michael's writing and played around with the colors & fonts. Beautiful!

Jan said...

What a cool idea! I hadn't thought about putting a poem in there. I'll give that a try, and let you know how it goes!

I bet Michael's writing looked cool. You could do neat things ... frame it, make it the cover of a card, etc.

Speaking of cards ... I could have used Wordle to wish Birthday Boy Neil a happy year. :-)