Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Site Seeing: Inside Guernica

Continuing the summer vacation plans, here's another site to see: the bad banana blog video on Inside Guernica. It's a fascinating new look at a classic work of art.

Angela, you commented recently that: "Social media is changing other art forms; it's amazing." I think this is another example of that!

Thanks to site-seeing-superstar Leslie for today's link!


Angela Pritchett said...

Bummer, when I clicked to the video the "video no longer available" message appeared :-<

It is exciting to me how artists use YouTube, MySpace and blogs to express their creativity. Like the good creative intigator preaches!

Jan said...

Hmmm. Thanks for letting me know. I'm writing the blog entries early, so I should doublecheck the links before each one publishes.

I just clicked on this one and it worked this evening. So maybe it was a temporary glitch when you tried. Give it another go -- it's worth the visit!

And it is really cool to see how people are using new media in such amazingly creative ways!

Angela Pritchett said...

Yay! I tried again & the link worked. That's a fantastic view of an already moving piece of art. Thanks for checking the link for me.