Thursday, July 24, 2008

A creativity tip from dear Abby

Nope. Not that Dear Abby.

One of the younger members of the Creative Instigation team is my friend Abby, who has a fashion blog that I find inspirational and instigational. She generously agreed to be my first guest blogger.

Here's her tip on Designing a Phrog:

In my spare time I like to design clothes. Although I cannot sew too well, I LOVE doing the sketching. I created my own clothing line (hopefully when I’m older it can actually work) called PHROG. I call it this because my family loves frogs, even though my parents revolt against getting even close to one. We have a pond in our backyard with colossal amounts of frogs. So you can see where I was going with the title.

Anyway, I enjoy creating my very own characters. They can have blonde hair or brown hair. They can wear plain clothes or ones that are OUT of this world.

I think if you can draw and you – like me, you have an obsession with clothes – you might want to try designing sometime!

P.S. from Jan: If you don't have kids in the house for inspiration, borrow one now and then. Seriously. And some of the ideas on Abby's blog could jumpstart your creativity today!

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Hollywood Four said...

I have a couple kids I am more than willing to loan (on an extended basis if needed) if anyone is interested!

Thanks Jan!