Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creativity Tips: Make One Small Change

My sister Eva teaches at the University of Missouri-Columbia. As part of their class assignments, her students send Eva brief reports -- basically, project updates.

Eva says 99.9 percent of the students use Times Roman for the reports, even though no font has been specified and there's no need for the report to be formal. So, the other day, when she received a student's paper and it was in a fun font, guess what happened?

The paper really stood out.

One little change can make you stand out, whether you're sending an email, working in a cube farm or trying to get a date. The trick is taking one little second to think about it, so you stand out in a positive light!

OK. Can't resist: My sister. She's a font of wisdom! (By the by, the image is from -- I just thought it was fun.)

Amuse Amber #6: Geezers love games. Thanks to Mo for the link! Mo is not a geezer ... I'm sure she found this by complete accident.

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