Thursday, March 11, 2010

And now a word from our sponsor

My friend Cory recently pointed out that the CI blog is evolving. A number of posts don't directly speak to creative instigation.

Cory wasn't complaining -- I think he likes my various ramblings. And that's good, because I like mixing things up. I've been writing these daily posts for more than two years. I have to keep myself interested if I'm going to keep you interested.

And that, my friends, does speak directly to creative instigation. You have to be engaged to be fully creative. You can be in love or enraged, but you have to be involved.

Consider my involvement with the blog. Sure, I write it for you. But I also write it for me. Knowing that I intend* to write five posts a week keeps me engaged. I see the world through a different lens because I'm looking for things to write about -- things that interest me and hopefully you.

Many regular CI readers, like Cory, are my personal friends. Others, I've never met. Some of you post comments. Others don't. Regardless, you are all part of my creative team. Thank you for stopping by, for inspiring me, for instigating my creativity.

If you want more of something or less of something, let me know. It's our blog. Whatever it may be ...

*Perfect example of how this works. I had written, "Knowing that I have to write five posts ..." I went back and edited. I don't have to write squat. I want to write these posts. The blog sharpens my editing skills. It's all good.


Vicki said...

more chocolate!

Leslie said...

What, no surveymonkey survey? :-)

Jan said...

Well, you can never have enough chocolate! And I hadn't thought about the survey ... maybe I should try to figure that out. :-)