Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creativity Tips: It Makes Scents

This past weekend, I poured a bottle of vinegar into a cut-glass vase to clean it and was instantly transported back to my childhood. I had spent the night with my grandmother and after she washed my hair, she rinsed it with vinegar. (There was a scientific reason*, and it made sense. I don't remember what it was. Maybe one of you know. Dark hair, rinse with vinegar. Light hair, rinse with lemon juice.)

But I digress. Here's the point: Scent creates a powerful memory. Is there some creative way to add scent to what you're doing and make it more memorable? Consider:
  • Lightly spraying perfume on a letter** to a lover. (The classic ideas never go out of style.)
  • Baking bread in a house you're trying to sell. (Another classic.)
  • Adding aroma words to copy. (You can be talking about the "new car" smell or "napalm in the morning." Details make the difference.)
Those are ideas to get you started. Now, your turn!

My grandmother, by the by, didn't smell like vinegar. She smelled like roses.

* Thus, the image from ChemistryLand
**You remember letters. Think any tweets are being saved forever? But again, I digress.

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