Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, Kids! Let's Put on a Book!

My Brainzooming buddy Mike has been featuring guest blogger posts recently, and -- as usual -- I'm going to steal his idea. And -- as usual -- twist it. Because that's what makes our creative partnership fun.

If any of you would like to write a chapter for an ebook on creativity, write it. Send it to me. I retain the right to edit your copy, or to send it back and ask you to do better. (I'm a mom. It's my job.)

Put on your creative hard hat. This is our book, and it can be anything we want. Write about any creative endeavor, idea, tool. Your chapter can be 10 words or 1,000 words.

Heck, your chapter can be no words.

Send me a photograph. Send me a doodle. Send me whatever you want by the end of June, and I bet we'll have one amazing ebook!

P.S. No, I am not as old as Mickey Rooney. Thanks for asking.


Bud Simpson said...

I'm in. Hmm, let me not think about this for a bit.

Jan said...

I think not thinking is the best way to think.

You're in! Mike's in! Cory's in! I should probably contribute ... we're off to a good start!