Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creativity Tips: A Kohl's Card-Carrying Genius

Somewhere, there's an under-appreciated genius doing creative work for Kohl's.

Women's wallets have changed. Many of us now use vertical slips like these for credit cards, rather than the old photo-sleeve cases.

Yet, of all the credit cards I have, only Kohl's had the good sense to change their creative design to accommodate the new style. When I pointed this out to a cashier at Kohl's, she was astonished -- hadn't noticed it.

Now, this woman must have handled thousands of these cards. And, while she realized there was a new design, she had never thought about why. She had never, not once, considered the talent and excellent thinking behind it.

Creativity surrounds us. Let's keep our eyes open and appreciate it!


Leslie said...

Very interesting! Perhaps she never saw the card in a woman's wallet before...that's when the clever design becomes most apparent.

Chuck Dymer said...

Great post. I liked your suggestion that when new design appears we question why it was designed the way it was. When, as in your example, the reason "appears," the design becomes delightful. Thanks.

Jan said...

I think that "question why" is so important -- and, Leslie's right too. For example, I didn't think about the design being brilliant until I slipped it into my wallet. When I received the card, I didn't question "why."

It's so easy to forget to ask questions in today's busy world!

Coupons said...

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