Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creativity Tips: Change Your Space

OK, we'll start with a stop. Stop reading and look around your space. Then come back.

(La-de-dah-de-dah-de-doo .... Oh! You're back. Good.)

Now, tell me, how long has it been since you rearranged things? Put up a new photo? Pinned a new note to the bulletin board? If it's been a month or more, take a minute and make a change.

I just found my lost Groucho glasses. Instead of putting them away with my other creativity props, I put them on display in my bookcase. Every time I walk into the office, the glasses make me laugh. In another week or two, I won't notice them ... but right now, they're new. And new sparks brain cells. And brain cells spark creativity. See where I'm going? Oh, you are good.

Change your space.

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Burcu said...

Hey you're so right Jan. The same happens to me very offen actually. For example, i find something months or years later in my drawer or cabinet which i'm even not aware of its existance. (My zippo lighter was one of them:) When i found it , i felt like i bought a new one and it made me quite happy.

Thanks for your sharing Jan!

Kisses from Istanbul