Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creativity Tips: One Sweet Threat

As a creative instigator, threats may not be part of your daily vocabulary. Gotta tell you, there are times threats give accountability that needed knockout punch.

For example, my sister and I have had great success with weigh-in reports on the last day of each month. We've lost weight, and kept it off. Until ... well, there were the holidays, and then birthdays, and then Saturdays ...

A few pounds crept on, and wouldn't fall off. So, we resorted to a meaningful threat. Get the weight off, or no chocolate for a month. (Hey, you pick the threat that works for you. Chocolate works for us.)

When all the positive reinforcements in the world won't work, change your approach. Just remember: Keep your threats sweet. After all, the CI team has a reputation to maintain.

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