Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fun: You Don't Look Jewish

When I worked at the PR firm Blades & Associates, one of my younger colleagues went out to a meeting, met someone Jewish, and came back to the office very excited -- eager to tell me, "You must know her! She's Jewish!"

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, there are about 80,000 Jews in Missouri and Kansas. Oddly enough, I don't know them all.

My friend -- who is a sweetheart -- realized what she had said the minute it fell out of her mouth, and it became a standing joke at the office.

Another line I hear periodically: You don't look Jewish. Check it out.

(How is this Friday Fun? I think performance poetry is fun. I'll give you a game next week. Promise.)


Melissa Racer said...

Hey! I resemble that comment! :)

Jan said...

Yes, you do! And you are a sweetheart!