Monday, March 23, 2009

Creativity Tips: Be Brief

One of my favorite creative instigators, Mike at Brainzooming, recently pointed me toward a six-word story by Ernest Hemingway. "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." Legend has it Hemingway called that his best work.

It's certainly inspirational. This week, all the Creative Instigation posts (after this one) will be six words or less. You decide if it's some of my best work.

First six-word tip:

Today is the day to start.


Angela Pritchett said...

Wasn't Hemingway brilliant?! Have you seen the website for six word memoirs

One of my favorites is:

It looks dangerous. You go first.

Jan said...

I hadn't seen that site! Thank you for the link -- it's great. We could all write six-word memoirs. There's an exercise ... (the type I like. I can write it in my head while I'm driving.) Thanks, Angela!