Monday, March 16, 2009

Creativity Tips: How to Write

The title of this post is so presumptuous it almost gives me writer's block.

But, what the heck. According to Google Analytics, people come to Creative Instigation looking for tips on how to write everything from Christmas cards to ads. People also come here for short posts, so I'm spreading the advice out over the week.

Let's start with personal messages -- birthday cards, holiday greetings, thank you notes. It's best if these are actual, physical, I-can-touch-it cards. People feel special knowing you drove to a Hallmark store, wandered around, read 20 cards and finally found the one that reminded you of them.

Now, card in hand, think about the person on the receiving end. Does Aunt Peggy know that scarf is your favorite color? Would Harry be happy to know his gift card was spent on the new Flogging Molly album? Tell them.

Be specific. It's not the devil in the details. It's the delight.

P.S. Want to be a good writer? Keep a dictionary at your side. Sure, I looked up the spelling of presumptuous online, but since I spelled it wrong, it didn't show up. I found it in my trusty Webster's paperback. And the book makes it much easier to flip pages and find a "d" word to counter "devil" in the last sentence. Alliteration. Alleluia.

P.P.S. Yes, I have heard of Flogging Molly. I am way cooler than you think.

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