Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Fun: This Is Only A Test

Right before the Easter Bunny visits, it's only fitting that we have a Friday Fun feature brought to our attention by the big bunny at Rabbit Fumes. Take a look at this awareness test -- I could do a whole week of Creative Instigation posts on this one!

And, since I'm aware of how much you're enjoying the Friday Fun games, here's a quick way to get rid of a little workweek stress: Gunny Bunny.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog while looking up the meaning of the word, "instigation".

Thanks for the heads up on the Awareness Test!

I guess we tend to see only what we want to see.

Keep creating,

Jan said...

Hi Mike:
I'm glad you found the blog, and I hope you'll visit often!

And you're absolutely right: We do tend to see what we want to see ... I may talk about that on the blog next week.

All the best,

Leslie said...

Given my poor track record, I didn't even try the game! I did enjoy the awareness test, though. It's certainly true that we can narrow our focus too much and miss some great things!

Anonymous said...

CRUD. And I thought I was doing good 'cause I got 13!